For a school to accept a product, service or a proposal, the school decision makers need to review it, consult with the staff and give their input on the decision. All purchasing decisions regarding equipment, maintenance, curriculum software, hardware, software tools, are made by the School Principals or the department directors.

However, the decision makers almost always rely on the opinion on decision-influencers like teachers, and other school staff to make the final decision. So contacting decision influencers offering your product or service will significantly increase the chance for your product to be accepted.

To help you target the right titles, we have listed all school-level personnel by department and gave a short overview for each of them.

Athletic Coaches by Sport

Badminton Coach
Baseball Coach
Basketball Coach
Bowling Coach
Boys Athletic Director
Boys Badminton Coach
Boys Basketball Coach
Boys Bowling Coach
Boys Cross Country Coach
Boys Diving Coach
Boys Golf Coach
Boys Gymnastics Coach
Boys Ice Hockey Coach
Boys Lacrosse Coach
Boys Physical Ed Director
Boys Rugby Coach
Boys Skiing Coach
Boys Snowboarding Coach
Boys Soccer Coach
Boys Softball Coach
Boys Swimming Coach
Boys Tennis Coach
Boys Track Coach
Boys Volleyball Coach
Boys Water Polo Coach
Cheerleader Coach
Crew Coach
Cross Country Coach
Dance Coach
Diving Coach
Drill Team Coach
Fencing Coach
Field Hockey Coach
Football Coach
Girls Athletic Director
Girls Badminton Coach
Girls Basketball Coach
Girls Bowling Coach
Girls Cross Country Coach
Girls Diving Coach
Girls Golf Coach
Girls Gymnastics Coach
Girls Ice Hockey Coach
Girls Lacrosse Coach
Girls Physical Ed Director
Girls Rugby Coach
Girls Skiing Coach
Girls Snowboarding Coach
Girls Soccer Coach
Girls Softball Coach
Girls Swimming Coach
Girls Tennis Coach
Girls Track Coach
Girls Volleyball Coach
Girls Water Polo Coach
Golf Coach
Gymnastics Coach
Ice Hockey Coach
Lacrosse Coach
Physical Ed Director
Powerlifting Coach
Rifle Coach
Rugby Coach
Skiing Coach
Snowboarding Coach
Soccer Coach
Softball Coach
Strength Coach
Swimming Coach
Tennis Coach
Track Coach
Volleyball Coach
Water Polo Coach
Wrestling Coach

Career & Tech Education

Agriculture Teacher
Animal Science Teacher
Applied Arts Teacher
Auto Mechanic Teacher
Career & Technical Education Dept. Chair
Career & Technical Education Educators
Career & Technical Education Teacher
Career Education Counselor
Career Education Teacher
Child Care Occupations Teacher
Construction Trades Teacher
Cosmetology Teacher
Culinary Arts Teacher
Drafting Teacher
Electronics Teacher
Entrepreneurship Teacher
Graphic Arts Teacher
Health Occupations Teacher
Heating/AC Teacher
Horticulture Teacher
Manufacture/Processing Teacher
Marketing/Distributive Education Teacher
Media/Communications Teacher
Metalworking Teacher
Plumbing Teacher
Practical Arts Teacher
Retail Management Teacher
Robotics Teacher
Technical Education Teacher
Welding Teacher
Woodworking Teacher
Work Experience Teacher

Computer Technology/STEM

Computer Applications Teacher
Computer Education Coordinator
Computer Lab Supervisor
Computer Literacy Teacher
Computer Math Teacher
Computer Networking Teacher
Computer Program Teacher
Computer Science Teacher
Computer Technician
Computer Technology Coordinator
Computer Technology Teacher
Desktop Publishing Teacher
Internet/Website Teacher
Multimedia Teacher
STEM Coordinator
STEM Teacher
Technology Administrator
Technology Champion
Technology Preparation Coordinator
Word Processing Teacher

English and Reading

American Literature
AP English
Business English
Creative Writing
English Dept Chairs
English/Language Arts
Literacy Coordinators
Reading Recovery
Reading Specialist
Reading Teacher
Reading/Literacy Coaches
Remedial Reading

Fine Arts Teachers

Art Dept Chairs
Art History Teacher
Art Teacher
Band Director
Choral/Vocal Director
Commercial Art Teacher
Craft Teacher
Dance Teacher
Drama Teacher
Fine Arts Educators
Music Teacher
Orchestra Director
Performing Arts Educator
Photography Teacher
Visual Arts Educator

Foreign/World Language

AP Foreign Language Teacher
Chinese Language Teacher
Foreign Language Department Chair
Foreign Language Educators
French Language Teacher
German Language Teacher
Hebrew Language Teacher
Italian Language Teacher
Japanese Language Teacher
Latin Language Teacher
Middle Eastern/Arabic Teacher
Russian Language Teacher
Spanish Language Teacher

Guidance/Student Services

Admissions Directors
Career Center Technicians
Conflict Management Instructors
Counselors/Career & Technical Ed
Counselors/College Placement
Dean of Students
Dropout Prevention Coordinators
Guidance Counselors
Guidance Dept Chairs
In-School Suspension Directors
Parental Involvement Coordinators
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Substance Abuse Awareness Coordinators

Librarian And Media

Librarian/Media Specialist
Library Aide
Library Media Staff


Advanced Algebra
AP Mathematics
Applied Math
Business/Consumer Math
General Math
Math Coaches
Math Teacher
Mathematics Dept Chairs
Remedial Math

Physical/Health Education

Adaptive Physical Ed
AIDS Awareness Instructors
Physical Ed
Physical Ed Dept Chairs

Private Schools Administration

Private Principal

Public Schools Administration

Public Principal

School Admin

Assistant Principal
Before/After School Coordinator
Bookstore Mgr.
Cafeteria Personnel
Club Sponsor
Custodial Personnel
Food Services Director
Head Custodian
Maintenance Director
Paraprofessional/Instructional Aide
PTA/PTO Member
PTA/PTO President
PTA/PTO Secretary
PTA/PTO Treasurer
PTA/PTO Vice-President
School Nurse
School Nurse/Health Staff
School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer Staff
School Staff
Team Leader
Transportation Personnel
Yearbook Advisor


AP Science
Astronomy Teacher
Biology Teacher
Chemistry Teacher
Earth Science Teacher
Environmental Science Teacher
General Science Teacher
Human Anatomy/Physiology
Life Science Teacher
Physical Science Teacher
Physics Teacher
Science Coaches
Science Dept Chairs
Science Teacher

Social Studies

AP Social Studies
Current Events
Political Science Teacher
Social Science Teacher
Social Studies Dept Chairs
State/Local History
U.S. History
World History/Culture

Special Education/Special Needs

Adaptive PE Teacher
Early Child Special Ed Teacher
Gifted and Talented Teacher
Instructional Support Teacher
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Resource Teacher
RIF Coordinator
RTI Coordinator
Sign Language
Special Education Department Chair
Special Education Facilitator
Special Education Teacher
Special Needs Aide
Special Needs Educators
Special Needs Program Specialist
Special Needs Staff
Speech/Language Therapist
Teacher of Autistic Children
Teacher of Dyslexic Children
Teacher of Emotionally Challenged
Teacher of Hearing Impaired
Teacher of Learning Disabilities
Teacher of Mentally Challenged
Teacher of Multi-Challenged
Teacher of Phys Challenged
Teacher of Severely Challenged
Teacher of Visual Challenged

Teachers By Grade

10th Grade Teacher
11th Grade Teacher
12th Grade Teacher
1st Grade Lead Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
2nd Grade Lead Teacher
2nd Grade Teacher
3rd Grade Lead Teacher
3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade Lead Teacher
4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade Lead Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
6th Grade Lead Teacher
6th Grade Teacher
7th Grade Teacher
8th Grade Teacher
9th Grade Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
High School Teacher
K-12 Teacher
Lead Kindergarten Teacher
Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Middle School Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher