K-12 Marketing to Schools – High End Intelligent Sending System

We have implemented novel sending features that nobody has ever used before. With our intelligent system, we send emails when the user is actually at their desk!

Advanced tracking reports – discover market prospects like never before

Every education email campaign we send, we provide advanced reports with complete contact and institutional information. Please call our account representative if you have any questions regarding our email deployment: (800) 829-8560

Email is the single-greatest way to reach the decision-makers like school principals and districts superintendents. An email that actually reaches the inbox, with the right message at the right time, means better results, better response rates and increased revenue.

Track Opened Emails
See exactly who opened the email with complete institution and contact information along with the email and time.

Track Clicked Links
Check which links were clicked and which one performed the best in your campaign.

Unsubscribed Recipients
Principals and superintendents that opt-out and unsubscribe from the campaign will be automatically removed in the future.

Bounces Report (soft, hard)
Hard bounces will be automatically removed and updated, while soft bounces will be retried up to three times.

Detailed reporting in Excel
A detailed report in excel will be delivered once the sending is completed. It will contain detailed statistical and contact information.

Smart Sending – Send At The Right Time
First, and only in the industry, we have started implementing sending strategies. We know when is the best time to send emails to each superintendent or principal, individually.

A/B Testing
Send the same email with different subject lines to see which one performs better.

Browser Compatibility and SPAM check
Before each sending campaign,  we test email client/browser compatibility and spam score check to minimize email delivery issues.

Create and send surveys, run a/b testing and send auto responses after completed surveys.

Automatic Follow-ups
After the initial send is completed, we will send follow up to the recipients who did not open the email initially.