About K12Prospects

K12Prospects provides a carefully crafted product where our staff has spent the last decade mastering the data and to make it better. We adapted as the technology and market changed, developing new tools and implementing the newest industry standards to bring our clients high quality data.

When you choose K12Prospects for your organization, you not only get the product, but also our endless commitment for continued improvement, making your experience exceptional.

We focus on our customers:
K12Prospects is committed to investing most of the profit on product development and customer support, rather than sales and marketing. We understand that data and information are the future of every company’s sales and marketing strategy – that’s why we keep the prices of our data low. Instead of spending money to market expensive prices, we present affordable prices so many companies can use our data. This makes our sales process gentle and not pushy on our account representatives. It allows us to grow and be consistently ahead of our major competitors.

We have our own in-house data team, and in combination with the most recent technology, we are able to make the update and compiling process flawless. This allows us to make any minor and major updates in real time, and deliver customer data in a matter of minutes.

We are the only company in the industry that does not use a 3rd party company for sending email campaigns. We own and manage our own sending center, which makes the process of setting up and sending the campaign fast and efficient. We keep a great sending reputation by frequently monitoring during the sending process. This allows us to have a greater delivery success while others may lose open rates due to blacklisted 3rd party companies that do not have a good IP sending reputation with the school districts. Our infrastructure allows advanced reporting with a tremendous amount of detail and data points.