Match your Existing Data Against our Updated Education Database

K12Prospects provides school and district education information that is monitored and updated weekly. Additionally, we created a data check channel to identify any changes to the K12 records that our customer has already purchased.

Customers that have already purchased data from K12Prospects have the added benefit to request Data Screening months after their purchase, which can determine any outdated or changed data that may have occurred since their purchase. Any education email list purchased from K12Prospects can be checked and compared with our newest data, without being required to repurchase the entire list!


We will analyze your data against our newest principal and superintendent email updates. School or district administrator’s name, email, phone, address, etc, will be cross-referenced.
Our system will remove any outdated data points and replace it with updated information from our database.


After the principals or superintendents Data Screen is completed, you will receive a number corresponding to the changed data points. Instead of repurchasing the complete list, you can pay just for the records that have changed and are updated.


Having outdated data with wrong information leads to multiple bounces and will only cost you more money and lost time.
Scan your existing principals or superintendents email list against our updated data and get the invalid records replaced.

  • Checking Name
  • Checking Email
  • Checking Address
  • Checking Phone