Asst. Superintendent-Pupil Personnel

Asst. Superintendent-Pupil Personnel data is a highly segmented education email list that allows marketers to reach out to top-level district decision-makers. 

Having an up to date Assistant Superintendent-Pupil Personnel email list allows you to get instant and continued access to present your products and services to the right district person. Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel are the top central office administrators and decision-makers responsible for every day district operations.

The Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel email data can be used if you are looking to target a top level decision maker that coordinates the planning, development of district-wide guidance programs, health services and special education programs and services. The Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services coordinates information and referral service committees, child study team services, out-of-district placements, speech and language services, occupational and physical therapy, and Section 504 requirements. The Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services serves as primary evaluator for program directors, supervisors, child study teams, and Director of Special Services. Works collaboratively with administrative and instructional staff, and communicates effectively with parents, members of the community, and colleagues in other districts and schools.

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K12 Prospects Lab

K12 Prospects Lab created a special platform with easy-to-use filters that will give you an instant overview in pricing and number of records as you create your k12 education data lists. The Lab offers you easy access to schools and districts email data. Segment your prospects the way you want them with just a few clicks and choose from 500+ school and district personnel.

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