K12 Prospects Consumer Privacy Act


Submit Your Case for K12 Prospects CCPA Compliance

In order to exercise your Right to Opt Out of the sale of all personal information that K12 Prospects has collected about you, please complete the following form. Please note that information collected from publicly available government sources is exempt from your right to Opt Out, and therefore we may continue to collect and sell such information. Only you or a person authorized to act on your behalf may submit a verifiable consumer request related to your personal information. If you would like to authorize an agent to act on your behalf, you may do so, but you will need to provide them with the information required to verify your identity and/or grant them the ability to respond to our inquiry directed to you.

According to CCPA regulations, we are unable to respond to your request or provide you with personal information if we are unable to verify your identity or confirm your authority to make the request, and establish that the personal information pertains to you. Our database may contain multiple people with the same name as yours, making it more difficult for us to accurately identify you and provide you with the correct information. To assist us in accurately identifying you and retrieving the correct information, please answer the questions on our request form. The information you provide will be used solely to fulfill your CCPA request.

Further details regarding K12 Prospects’ privacy policies, and information about the data we collect, can be found in the privacy policy section of our website. If you prefer not to fill out our online form or require assistance with it, you may contact us at (800) 829-8560.