How to Repair Your K12 Email Sending Reputation

When you send your K12 marketing emails, you have quite a few things to worry about.
While your message is certainly important, what about your email reputation?


What is included in the report!

When was the last time you checked the health of your email list? Using a healthy email list means using a list of updated, targeted emails to your ideal audience.
While it’s true you can easily sign up for an email from Gmail, Outlook, and so on, you shouldn’t do this. Not only does it not look professional, but it’s also a red flag for email providers.
The most important way to improve your send reputation with K12 email marketing campaigns is to make sure you’re always sending high-quality, relevant content.

How to Repair Your K12 Email Sender Reputation?


You use words that have been flagged as spam


You’re not data compliant


Your landing page or opt-in form isn’t clear


You use an outdated or inactive email list

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