How Your K12 Email Marketing Content Affects Deliverability

When sending K12 marketing emails, you want to ensure you’re reaching as many target users as possible.
However, not all messages make it through, and this is called email deliverability.


What is included in this report!

Since you’re addressing your K12 marketing emails to school administrators, teachers, and professionals, you need to know the ins and outs of spam filters.
When it comes to getting through spam filters, you need to make sure your emails are trustworthy. This means 55% of all emails sent classified as spam in some way.
K12 marketing emails are sometimes tricky when it comes to email deliverability. Though you know your audience, you want to make sure you’re actually reaching them in their inboxes.

Understanding Email Reputation and Deliverability in K12 Marketing


Use a Trusted Email Service Provider


Don’t Overuse Images


Use Links Carefully


Watch Your Words & Simplify Unsubscribing

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