Blueprint Strategy

How this strategy signed 214 schools by applying 3 email sequence.

A case study of how a simple email strategy signed 214 schools

The best things happen when you least expect and proof of that is how our client ended up having the best email campaign in their whole career.

Our client’s struggle that day sparked an idea for us to review several other clients and the emails that they sent to educators. We wanted to find out why some had more success than others.

We created a simple 3 email strategy that implements the basic principles of human behavior when approaching someone for the first time. Let me explain...

This Blueprint 3 Email Sequence Includes:

How our client signed up 214 schools with 3 email sequence.

Explanation of every step we took creating this strategy.

Common mistake that we found with many of our clients.

Infographic - how many touch-points you need in order to make a sale

How this strategy signed 214 schools. Download our Blueprint Strategy