2019 School District Closing Dates MAP

Download Your 2019 School District Closing Dates MAP and learn what are
schools principals and districts superintendents doing over the summer.

What is included in the report!

View our map of every major school district per state for all 50 states. We added their closing and opening date for this and next school year.

While most people would imagine that administrators spend the last few weeks of school relaxing and planning their vacations, that is seldom true.

Thanks to budget rules that stop unused funds from rolling over to the next year, most schools need to spend their leftover dollars by June 30th.

June 30th Last Day to Use Old School Budget - Use it or Lose it

When the new school budget comes!

List of all major school district closing dates.

Map of all districts end and start dates of the school year.

What are administrators doing during the summer.

2019 School District Closing Dates MAP